Keeping a cash book makes you money!

A tried and tested method to save money is keeping up a cash book. A handy way to do this is a weekly cash book.
You can simply use a notebook or download the practical and free “kasboekapp” in the Apple App store or with Google Play for Android.
Retrieve a fixed amount of money from your account every week on a set day. Do not touch your account for the rest of the week. For example, you could retrieve € 50,– or whatever amount you are used to. On the first day, you could be doing groceries for € 5,– for example. This € 5,– is then redacted from the € 50,–, which means there is € 45,– left. The day after, you will have six days left before the week ends.

DateWeekly amount: 7 daysTo spend per dayGroceries
1 January€ 50,– : 7 daysis € 7,14 per dayspend € 5,–
2 January€ 45,– : 6 daysis € 7,50 per dayspend € 6,–
3 January€ 39,– : 5 daysis € 7,80 per dayspend € 7,–
4 January€ 32,– : 4 daysis € 8,– per day-
5 January---
6 January---
7 January---

……And so on. Whatever amount is left, can be added to the next week or can be saved.

The next week you retrieve the fixed amount from your account again and repeat filling in the cash book in the same way. It is helpful to use a week menu based on the weekly discounts at supermarkets.