Make Your Own Budget!

( This file can only be downloaded if you have the new version of Excel on your desktop. In case you do not have this new version, you can use the free Google Spreadsheets or the free software Libre Office)

With “Make Your Own Budget!” you can easily fill in your income and expenses to get an overview of what you spend in a month and how much you could potentially save. You can send us an email anonymously with the information from this form.


You have to calculate all amounts, including income and expenses, to total per month. For example, if you pay € 90,– for water every three months, then you divide this amount by three and fill in this amount in the form. Another example is getting paid every four weeks, which also has to be calculated to a total per month exactly. So if you are paid 2000,- per four weeks: it means you get 52 wk / 4 wk = 13 payments per year. 13 x 2000 / 12 = 2166,66 as salary per month.

Go ahead! Please tell us your opinion on the form and let us know if you see any room for improvement!